Contract Harvesting

Our contract harvesting fleet is supported by some of the most advanced harvesting machinery to date. At Rees UK we only use machines specifically built for the higher power needs of agriculture. Machines that tackle gradients and soft or slippery conditions with ease, and make life a lot easier for the operator. When it comes to productivity, power is key. The recipe is a combination of high output engines, excellent manoeuvrability and experienced drivers.

To combat the timely demand for service we have two silaging teams. Two self propelled Claas Jaguars are supported by 6 trailers of various sizes on floatation tyres to reduce compaction.

2010 has seen the launch of a new arrival to the fleet. . . the JCB 414s loading shovel. Loading shovels were first used by our sister company RMGroup in the early 1990''s for loading sugar beet on the contract packing sites, the loading shovel's are now used pushing grass on the clamp, they offer huge advantage to tractors as they give the operator more time to roll the clamp giving the farmer better silage.

On the pit, the JCB 414S retains an excellent power-to-weight ratio, making it particularly effective on the silage clamp.